Biochar renders the following advantages

1. IMPROVES Soil Fertility Permanently

2. INCREASES Water Holding Capacity and Aeration of Soil

3. IMPROVES Soil Texture and Structure

4. INSTILLS Disease Resistance in Plants

5. RETAINS Nutrients by BOOSTING Cation Exchange Capacity, prevents nutrient leaching 

hence Less Fertilization Required

6. ENABLES Faster Growth of Plants (yielding starts sooner therefore crop can be sold at 

higher rate)

7. IMPROVES Plant Size, Vitality, Blooms & Yield

8. PROVIDES a Safe Environment for Microbes to Propagate in

9. ENCOURAGES Microbial Activity in the Soil 

10. INCREASES Seed Germination

11. REDUCES Transplant Shock

12. INCREASES PH of Acidic Soils

13. STORES Carbon long term