Biochar’s advantage over alternatives

For the first year AgriMagic can be used along with other fertilizers that are being used by the farmer. After that the quantities of fertilizers can be reduced over a period of time until they are completely unnecessary. AgriMagic has the potential to make soil fertile enough to not need any excessive external chemical inputs after 5 – 6 years of continuous application.

Biochar is a permanent solution. Alternatives such as FYM, vermicompost, manures etc render temporary fertility to soil, the carbon in them is used up and thus periodic applications of constant quantity are required to maintain benefits. Whereas in Agrimagic the carbon from biochar is extremely stable and does not decompose for the remainder of the soils life. 

If there is an increase in yield due to using FYM, Vermicompost or other soil conditioners the process and quantity has to be repeated the following year to see the same yield increase. On the other hand AgriMagic remains in soil permanently; therefore every year if the same quantities are added to soil the fertility builds up from the previous year rather than from zero again.