Research shows that Biochar enhanced soils, grow stronger crops with greater yields in non-optimal performing soils. Soil fertility improves and greater yields can be seen in the order of 20 % - 300 %.

We as humans owe our continued existence to a 6 inch layer of top soil and the fact that it rains. Every day our soil is deteriorating and unless we do something about this continued destruction we will destroy ourselves. Correctly prepared & intelligently applied Biochar is perfect for soil amendment and over time revitalizes soil permanently. Unlike FYM, Vermicompost, Compost and other sources of soil carbon which get consumed easily, the carbon in biochar is permanent. 

Biochar supports ecologically rich soil that improves plant growth, health, and yield quality. It is also a highly porous medium, which creates an ideal home for plant-beneficial microbial communities. It’s macro pores retain water in the root zone of application by greater than 20%.This ensures that water is readily available for plant roots for the duration of the season, thus lengthening irrigation breaks and decreasing water requirement. Biochar also prevents leaching of NPK inputs and the microorganisms housed make these nutrients bioavailable for the plant. Improved Vitality of the soil makes the plant more disease resistant further reducing needs for external inputs. Yield Increases between 20 – 800% have been documented across the world.

Biochar renders the following advantages

1. IMPROVES Soil Fertility Permanently

2. INCREASES Water Holding Capacity and Aeration of Soil

3. IMPROVES Soil Texture and Structure

4. INSTILLS Disease Resistance in Plants

5. RETAINS Nutrients by BOOSTING Cation Exchange Capacity, prevents nutrient leaching 

hence Less Fertilization Required

6. ENABLES Faster Growth of Plants (yielding starts sooner therefore crop can be sold at 

higher rate)

7. IMPROVES Plant Size, Vitality, Blooms & Yield

8. PROVIDES a Safe Environment for Microbes to Propagate in

9. ENCOURAGES Microbial Activity in the Soil 

10. INCREASES Seed Germination

11. REDUCES Transplant Shock

12. INCREASES PH of Acidic Soils

13. STORES Carbon long term

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