C6 Agrisciences is run by a team of passionate individuals who are keen to change the status of Agriculture in India. We have a balanced blend of Industry experts and young professionals who have graduated from the top universities in India and the USA.

Srinivas Chaitanya - Co-Founder

Graduated from Cornell University with a Masters in Engineering, specializing in Energy and Environment.  He brings his expertise in renewables to the Biochar market and its immense carbon sequestration potential.

Pranav Balmoor – Co- Founder

Graduated from Cornell University with a Masters in Engineering Management. He is a consummate professional in process improvement and supply chain management.

Vikram Verma – Co-Founder

Graduated from Univeristy of Southern California with a Masters. He is a serial entrepreneur and brings in his experience in managing new enterprises.

Dr. Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka – Research & Development

Dr. Sai Bhaskar is a world renowned expert and pioneer on biochar / biocharculture contributing to soil fertility management, sustainable agriculture, environmental management, and carbon sequestration in parts of India